Journal voucher with Multi Dr/Cr Ledgers from Exce to Tally

Journal Voucher in Tally – Examples, & How to Enter Journal Vouchers in Tally

A Journal voucher in Tally is a crucial voucher in Tally ERP 9 that involves making adjustment entries, entries regarding fixed assets and credit purchases or sales. You need to press the shortcut key “F7” from the accounting vouchers to use Journal Vouchers. There are innumerable examples of journal vouchers which we will be presenting below. By the end of this article, you will have complete knowledge on how to enter Journal vouchers in tally with ease.

What is a Journal 

A journal is the book of accounts where transactions of financial nature are recorded from the source documents. The transactions are recorded on an actual basis when the transactions take place. 

What is Journalising?

The process of recording financial transactions can be termed journal entries in the books of accounts, known as Journalising. It is based on the Double-Entry system of accounting. This form of accounting or bookkeeping is a system of accounting where every transaction has dual effects. It means that the Debit amount must be equal to the Credit amount for every transaction.

What is a Journal Voucher in Tally?

Every transaction requires a piece of documentary evidence like a Journal voucher. Journal Voucher in Tally ERP 9 is used to record transactions other than cash and bank. Transactions related to depreciation, provisions, purchase and sale of fixed assets on credit, write off balances, adjustment entries are recorded in Journal Voucher. It is the most important voucher in accounting vouchers.

You can easily trace these vouchers in any accounting system. Auditors generally use Journal Vouchers during an audit as a part of Audit Procedures. These transactions are of routine nature.

Purpose of Journal Vouchers

Do you know the reason behind the preparation of  Journal Vouchers in tally? Why are they so important? Journal Vouch ers are prepared to serve multi-fold purposes as described below:

  • To record non-cash transactions in the books of accounts

Non-cash transactions are those transactions that do not involve a cash payment. For example- depreciation, loss or gain on fixed assets, provision for discount expenses, asset write-downs and deferred income taxes.

  • To rectify any business transaction which was wrongly recorded in the books of accounts. 

There may be situations when the business transactions are wrongfully recorded in the books of accounts. It may be incorrect debit or credit of accounts. Journal Vouchers helps in a reversal of the first entry using a journal entry in Tally ERP 9.

  • To record the transactions not recorded by other accounting vouchers in Tally ERP 9.

All accounting vouchers record transactions of specific nature or type. Some are described as follows:

  1. The receipt voucher records all the money received.
  2. Payment voucher records all the money paid.
  3. Contra voucher records the transactions involving cash and bank.
  4. Sales voucher records the transactions involving the sale of goods or services.
  5. Purchase voucher records the transactions involving the purchase of goods or services.
  6. Journal voucher records the transaction entries not recorded by other accounting vouchers.  

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Excel to Tally import Journal Vouchers with

1- With Multi Dr/Cr Legders with any type of voucher like Sale, Purchase Receipt, payment, Journal

2- Multi Bill Bill References with Refence type & Amount

3- Mulit Cost Centers with Const Category & Amouts 

4-Mulit Cost center with Mutli Bill reference in one template

5- Multi Narration or seperate narration to each ledger

6- Can import ledger wise Bill references, cost centers, Narrations


How to import Journal Voucher data using
Excel-Tally Software in just a click 

Step 1- Put Data In Template Using Smart Mapping

Excel-Tally software provides you smart data mapping functionality, that helps you to copy all your data from your file to a template without any mistakes. 

or simply copy-paste your data column-wise from your sheet to the software template file.

Step 2- Now Select Journal Voucher Template In Software & Click Import

Open Excel-Tally Software, it will shows you Dashboard here you can select company in which you want to import data.

Now All set just select template file in software using Journal Voucher Button & Click on Import Button,

check the software dashboard it will show you Count of Ledgers,Invoice Records created.

check in tally all your records are imported successfully

You can Import Journal Voucher with Following details

Invoice details

You can import data with Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Bill ref number & invoice, cheque Number, Date, Bank Name & Branch

Tax & Other Ledgers details

You can import data with 25+ other ledgers & Tax ledgers with Auto Creation options in single invoice or multi invoice mode 

Cost Center & Narration

Your can import data Party ledger link with Cost center &  Cost Category, Also import Narrations in single or Multi invoice mode 

Can Import Multi Currency data using Same voucher Template

You can import Multi Currency data in same Voucher template by Providing Amount , Foreign Currency Symbol, Rate Of Exchange